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Dylan Silver is an actor, writer, comedian, and host of HGTV/Snapchat's You Wish You Lived Here

Her comedic talent has been featured on SoulPancake, CollegeHumor, and Yahoo Sketchy, among others. Her original series A Minute With Ivanka, in which she portrays Ivanka Trump, was featured multiple times as a Latest and Greatest on Funny Or Die. Her original series The Donut Man was a 2018 Sundance Lab Finalist.

Silver wrapped directing her first documentary this summer, following three women whose lives are irrevocably changed when they attend revolutionary horsemen Mark Rashid & Jim Masterson's clinic. Silver made her directorial debut with Water Colors, a short film which she also wrote and produced. She is in the midst of writing her next feature, which she will direct and star in next year. 

Silver trained at UCB, Academia Dell'arte, The National Theatre Institute, and holds her B.A. in Acting & Writing from The George Washington University, where she received the Presidential Arts Scholarship. Silver was raised in the United States and the Middle East. As a content creator, she gravitates toward vulnerable, playful, and heartfelt work. Main sources of inspiration include ‘Punch-Drunk Love’, Stevie Wonder, and Spongebob Seasons 1-3. 

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