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Dylan Silver is an actor, writer, comedian, and host of HGTV/Snapchat's You Wish You Lived Here

Her comedic talent has been featured on SoulPancake, CollegeHumor, and Yahoo Sketchy, among others. Her original series A Minute With Ivanka, in which she portrays Ivanka Trump, was featured multiple times as a Latest and Greatest on Funny Or Die. Her original series The Donut Man was a 2018 Sundance Lab Finalist. She just wrapped a supporting role in Film Fest.

Silver began directing documentaries and narratives this past year and is in post-production on numerous projects.

Silver trained at UCB, Academia Dell'arte, The National Theatre Institute, and holds her B.A. in Acting & Writing from The George Washington University, where she received the Presidential Arts Scholarship. Silver was raised in the United States and the Middle East. As a content creator, she gravitates toward vulnerable, playful, and heartfelt work. Main sources of inspiration include ‘Punch-Drunk Love’, Stevie Wonder, and Spongebob Seasons 1-3. 

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